• I wrote this on my personal fb page but thought my decoy audience might enjoy as well.

    Also this is my last post of deceased birds for a while. Coming up, prepare yourself for pictures of painted dead trees instead!

    "Duck season has come and gone. Rain pelts the house today and the birds are breathing a sigh of relief (until youth day) ... For many, getting out on the water with their gear and chasing ducks is something they do as an outdoor activity. For me, it's a way of life. I will miss the daily phone calls and texts about where the birds are working and how many came in and out of the sound that day with all of the other Core Sounders. I'll miss last minute trips to Hyde County. I'll miss spending time in the blind with the best of people on this earth. I'll miss hanging out with my brother every weekend (although drum season will get here fast) and catching up with Ricky at the landing. I will miss going to my parents lodge and eating breakfast while talking to all of the other hunters about their trip. I will miss seeing the Redheads and Blackheads work around my decoys. It's the best sight your eyes can behold. Salt and ducks run through my veins and I have an immediate bond with others that feel the same way. When one season closes I'm already thinking about the next and although I'm already thinking ahead, I'll share some memories of the season already spent."

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